Welcome to Washington DC's best happy hours! Right now, you're checking out the happy hours for Radius Pizza in the Columbia Heights area. Enjoy!
Welcome to Washington DC's best happy hours! Right now, you're checking out the happy hours for Radius Pizza in the Columbia Heights area! If you've been to happy hour at Radius Pizza, feel free to leave a review and tell everyone what you thought about it. If you think we've got the wrong happy hour information for them, please help us fix it using the links below. Thanks!

Radius Pizza


3155 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
Washington, DC 20010

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Columbia Heights
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9:43AM 9/30/2011
I live nearby. This place has a real chef who knows good ingredients and how to put them together. It's more than a pizza place, it's like a pizza fine dining restaurant. I get the $5 slice+pint and add a few extra ingredients for .50 each...extra cheese, spinach & mushrooms. The mushrooms are the best I've eery had on a pizza anywhere...they're small and whole and sauteed first, so the result is a very garlicky, savory piece of pizza that feels luxuriously gourmet - I swear I don't work for this place, I was just so impressed with the quality and creativity. They buy from local farms. Then the mussels for $5 are also awesome, served with good toasted bread and a tasty aioli that you spread on the bread and dip in the tomato'y mussel broth - really good. I must also say, the creme brulee is crazy good, it has lemon verbena along with the vanilla, great crust and thick amount of creme, unfortunately it is priced at $8 like it would be if it were in a fancier restaurant as it could be.