Welcome to Washington DC's best happy hours! Right now, you're checking out the happy hours for Dickson Wine Bar in the U Street area. Enjoy!
Welcome to Washington DC's best happy hours! Right now, you're checking out the happy hours for Dickson Wine Bar in the U Street area! If you've been to happy hour at Dickson Wine Bar, feel free to leave a review and tell everyone what you thought about it. If you think we've got the wrong happy hour information for them, please help us fix it using the links below. Thanks!
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Dickson Wine Bar

Area: U Street

903 U St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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User Reviews:
1:47PM 9/27/2011
This is one of my favorite wine bars for happy hour. Their deals are pretty decent ($5 for a glass of sparkling or white or red and a $10 cheese/charcuterie plate). I love the dimly lit space which spans 3 levels. They do communal seating at the tables, but there is also counter seating along the windows and walls.

My very favorite thing about Dickson is their rib eye bahn mi. This sandwich is to die for. Along with your happy hour glass of wine, order the bahn mi and you won't be disappointed. I didn't recognize any of the wines my first time there (they are all biodynamic which concerns a certain treatment of the soil and vines) but everything I've had, I've enjoyed.